Buying clothes for your child so they get more wear out of them.

what size anyware clothes do I buy for my child so that they get the most wear out of them? You might have a small 3 year old or a tall 4 year old and it can be confusing. Let us show you 3 easy steps to buying the right size.

step 1

measure you child's height in cms.

Unlike most high street brands, our sizes are only a suggested age as we all know that children grow at different rates and are all different shapes. Our styles are extra wide to allow for room to grow so all you need to know is their height.

step 2

check our size guide

If your child is at the lower end of a size, they will get to wear it for longer, if they are at the higher end, they will get less wear out of it. Our sleeves and legs roll up and straps and waists are adjustable. If you are unsure, we recommend you size up.

step 3

place your order

We will ship it to you in a fair trade cotton back pack that you or your child can use, perfect for the gym or packed lunch. Our recycled cardboard shipping box also has a cool snakes and ladders board game  printed inside for your family to enjoy and is fully recyclable.

As your child will get more wear of our clothes and they will fit for longer, you can buy less, have more space in their wardrobe and ultimately save money. When they finally grow out of it, be sure to pass it on to someone who needs it and help the wastage crisis too. 

It's simple