The wastage crisis in the fashion industry

Our planet is drowning under unwanted, discarded clothes. As a society we are being seduced by low-cost, low quality brands who tease us with a new collection every few weeks. Encouraging mass over consumption and a frenzy to buy, which has frightening consequences. We need to change the way we think  and the way we shop.

We are consuming fashion at a rate like never before. We buy more clothing in the UK than any other country in Europe.

Around 80 Billion pieces of clothing are bought every year around the world.

The average consumer is buying 60% more clothing that they did in 2000, but are keeping it for half as long.

Only 10% of the clothes we donate to thrift stores or charities get sold, the rest ends up in landfill.


so what can you do?

Buy less - think about every purchase, make sure it will for your child for longer and buy classic wearable pieces not a passing trend.

Buy Better - invest in fabrics and designs that are made better in smaller batches, that will wash and wear over and over.

Repair - it's a lost art but our grandparents were great at mending and fixing.

Pass on - either to a charity shop, or to a friend or someone who really needs it.


At anyware we are joining the revolution to fight over consumption and wastage in the world of kids fashion. We are challenging the way consumers think about buying clothes for their children, by creating clothes that fit the child for much longer.

By working together we can be the change we want to see in the world.