our contribution to sustainability

anyware takes sustainability very seriously and we want to be as responsible as we can be as a new childrenswear clothing brand. While we are making small steps towards the well-being of our planet,  we can do a lot more. 

We all have a responsibility to think about our planet and what impact we are having on our environment.

In the fashion industry this is at the forefront of our minds in everything we do, whilst we have a long way to go, we have to do what we can.

We have decided to eliminate the use of single use plastics, so we have worked closely with our factory and everything we produce is delivered to our warehouse packed flat in boxes and not in individual plastic bags.

Your order will be shipped to you in our fair trade cotton backpack.

This rucksack shape is so useful for you or your child. Perfect for the gym or school lunch.

cotton fair trade drawstring backpack rucksack for gym kit or school bag sustainable

Even our cardboard shipping box is made from recycled card and is completely recyclable. On the inside we have printed a beautiful snakes and ladders board game, that you and your child can colour in and play together.

When you unfold the box, you will find cleverly hidden counters and dice to pop out and fold together to play.

recycled and recyclable cardboard box with printed snakes and ladders board game with counter and dice

We have decided not to include spare buttons with every garment as this also just adds to the wastage problem, I’m sure we all have a kitchen drawer full of spare buttons just gathering dust. We are very happy to supply replacement buttons should any get lost. Just get in touch.

For us at anyware, its all about considering every detail and thinking of clever ways we can reduce wastage and encourage our customers to do the same.