sustaining the life of our kids clothes

Making our kids clothes last longer is the first step to building an ethical and sustainable wardrobe.

There are some easy ways we can change our habits and behaviours. following these steps, will not only save us money but will slow our consumption and reduce our carbon footprint, which is ultimately what we all need to be working towards.

1,  buy clothes that will last longer than a season, buy classic timeless pieces that your kids can wear all year round and share amongst siblings.

2, choose natural fibres, all fabric release tiny microfibres but those in synthetic fabrics are not biodegradable and will end up in our oceans. 

3, only wash when your nose tells you to.  with kids clothes its so easy to wash after every wear, but challenge yourself to air it out and then wear 3 times before washing. Always wash on a cool temperature.

4, line dry or dry flat naturally,  using the sun and fresh air to dry your clothes instead of a tumble dryer not only saves you money but saves energy and is also kinder to your clothes.

5, dry clean only when absolutely necessary, whilst many garments require dry cleaning instead of washing, this uses chemicals that are harmful for the environment, if you can't wash something, hang it in the bathroom when the shower is on and let the steam refresh it.

6, wear and repair,  learn to fix and repair seams, patch holes and replace / move buttons when needed.

7, pass it on, when your child has finally grown out of something, pass it on to a friend or neighbour or look for a local shelter to donate it to.

together these small steps can make a huge difference.