Talking sustainability with actress and activist, Lauren McCrostie

George recently sat down to chat to Actress and Activist, Lauren McCrostie about living a more sutstainable life. 

Best known for her appearances in 'Miss Peregrines's Home for Peculiar Children' and 'The Falling', Lauren also writes for on how to be more eco-friendly and tips on living a more sustainable life.

GR: Lauren, what was the initial trigger that made you want to start leading a more sustainable lifestyle?

LM: I saw an article on zero waste heroine, Lauren Singer (aka trashisfortossers) who could fit all her trash in a '16oz Mason jar'. Being always up for a challenge and invested in our environment, I was instantly inspired and intrigued by this. I quickly fell into an Internet hole of zero waste, conscious, sustainable, minimal, ethical living and haven't looked back since. 

GR: Why is sustainability so close to your heart?

LM: Because I see it as a no-brainer, I see it as something accessible, easy, fun and worthwhile. We are in a climate emergency - we need to do something and we need to do it now. It's empowering to know you can take charge and make a positive difference. Sustainability is important. It is our responsibility as inhabitants of this planet.

GR: Can you give us 5 changes we can make in our lives that will have the maximum impact.

LM: 1. I am plant powered vegan! Turning vegan is the single biggest way of cutting your carbon footprint! 

2. Stop buying clothes! Instead use, repair and upcycle what you already have. Inherit from family. Swap with friends or rent from brands. 

3. Reduce and work to eradicate your use of disposable items. Cull the coffee cup and invest in a keepcup/frank+green mug. Stop buying prepackaged meal deal lunches. Don't bring disposable cleaning items into your home/kitchen/bathroom.  

4. Support sustainable businesses working to do greater good. 'Odd Box' deliver wonky fruit and veg (that would have otherwise been thrown away) to your door. 'Silo' in Brighton is a zero waste resturant - where the menu is made inventively and resourcefully with items usually discarded in the catering business. 'Patagonia' have routinely demonstrated good, ethical practise and promise to repair and replace any item purchased from them. 'Veja' shoes are fastidious in honouring their eco intentions and remain dedicated to their founding principle of  'creating a shoe with minimal impact to the environment'. Which is seen with their shipping, production and material choices. Put your pennies into these companies, not the ones who are diminishing our planets hope.  

5. Research! Get clued up on the state of the world and creatively think about how you can help. Whether it's changing your energy supplier, switching your commute for a cycle ride, reducing your oversea travel adopting a more planetary protective diet, supporting slow fashion or finding an ethical bank…do everything you can to help!

GR: how has your new outlook changed the way you think about buying clothes?

LM: After I discovered the disastrous affect the fashion industry has and after identifying how my shopping behaviours were contributing to this, I radically changed the way I was viewing and consuming clothes. I bought only second hand, donated a heap too. I then found a couple of amazing sustainable companies which I slowly and consciously bought pieces from, too. I have stayed more or less exclusive to that mentality ever since, but I am always looking to reduce my impact and expenditure on the environment too. 

GR: What one piece of advice would you give someone starting to think about having a more sustainable wardrobe.

LM: Watch the ’True Cost’ documentary, turn to your wardrobe - look at all the clothes you have already - rediscover the ones stuffed at the back of the closet; remember the ones in storage; the ones in the wash; the ones in the ’to sell pile’. Recognise that you already (probably) have way more than you need or use, sort through them to keep only what you love and WILL wear. Donate and reintroduce the rest of the pieces back into the clothing cycle, so others can enjoy them. If you ‘do' ‘need’ to buy another piece, purchase second hand/borrow from a friend or invest in good quality, versatile pieces, that will stand the test of time.

GR: thank you so Much Lauren, it was a pleasure talking to you and thank you for all that amazing, inspiring advice.

So what are you going to do to start living more sustainably???


George xx


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