the journey to anyware

Some months ago, whilst busy making music, recording podcasts with her mum, touring the world and chasing after her young toddler, Jessie Ware had a seed of an idea. Not knowing what to do with it or how to make that seed grow, she went on the hunt for a partner. Someone who could turn the idea into a reality and bring it to life.

Jessie was introduced to George through mutual friends and they automatically hit it off. With George’s design and brand building background, Jessie knew she was the one…….

Over the next few months, these 2 working mums met often in café’s and kitchens over coffee and conversation and hatched a plan of how to turn this idea into a real-life concept and lifestyle brand.

Jessie had always loved clothes and she was concerned about the fact that by the time her daughter was 18 months old, she had already grown out of so many clothes. She wished they had fitted for longer and that she had got more wear out of them. With Jessie expecting her second child, if she had a boy, would he even be able to wear all the things that had been saved so lovingly??

With George being a mum of 2 older boys, she totally understood and had had the luxury of being able to hand down good quality clothes from one son to another, but as a designer, she was concerned that we are living in a time of fast-paced, cheap, disposable fashion that is discarded too quickly.

Between them, Jessie and George have created a collection that is designed to grow with your child, high quality workmanship and natural hardwearing fabrics encourage you to buy smarter, and wear for longer.

Designer to be worn and shared by boys and girls alike, the simple oversized shapes will be loved and last for generations to come. for anyone, any time, anyware.

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