our story

our story

anyware is a premium kids-wear brand, created by
British singer-songwriter Jessie Ware and award winning designer George Reddings.

“I have always loved buying clothes and hold onto my favourites, things that I have worn and will wear for years to come because they are so timeless...When I had my daughter this was no different, I found myself buying her one jumper in two sizes because I liked it so much, I quickly realised just how much I had stored in my loft that she’d already outgrown and thought, there must be a solution for this. When I met George it was so exciting, bringing her knowledge of design and building a brand, she completely understood and steered my enthusiasm into tangible and creative ideas”

Between them, Jessie and George have created a lifestyle brand that very much carries
Jessies' signature style; effortlessly cool, modern and understated.

anyware is designed to grow with your child; iconic silhouettes and wearable wardrobe
staples are created for easy dressing. Clean lines and oversized boxy shapes are seasonless and gender equal, to be shared by siblings and loved for years to come.


As a new brand, we have a responsibility to minimize our impact on the environment wherever possible, each style can be adapted, encouraging you to wear and share for longer.

We pledge to use all natural fabrics and aim to minimize wastage by taking extra time and care to lay patterns during our cutting process. Where possible we have cut single use plastic from both our supply chain and in delivery to our customers.

We are making a conscious effort to reduce our carbon footprint and are proud to support British manufacturing.

sizing structure

Our unique sizing structure encourages you to wear and love for longer.

anyware fits 0-8years with round numbers indicating the suggested age but designed for extended wear. For example, size 2 is designed to fit from 1-3years. We recommend measuring your child and using our cm size guide as every child is different.

Styles are oversized and boxy with the ability to roll sleeves and legs up or down and synch in or out waistbands as your child grows.

anyware size

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